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The Sons of the American Legion

Call (818) 344-3800 to get information on joining this program.

We need ten or more to form.

Booster Club
Any person may join and support Post activities. Contact (818) 344-3800 and ask for the Larry Bowman.

Troop Support Services

As the war on Terrorism continues, the number of Active, National Guard and Reserve units deployed will continue to rise. Many families unaccustomed to long separations will suddenly find themselves coping with an array of small problems that can become overwhelming.

As veterans, and family members of Veterans, The American Legion Family has been through it all. We know from experience just how valuable a helping hand can be when it seems there is nowhere to turn.

Through the Troops Support Services (TS2) The American Legion is there to assist. The TS2 program incorporates the Family Support Network, Reconnect and the Welcome Home program.

For more information call (818)344-3800

Heroes to Hometowns

Heroes to Hometown is a transition program for several injured services members returning home from OEF/OIF. Heroes to Hometowns establishes a support network and coordinates resources for severely injured service members returning home.

Heroes to Hometowns can provide a welcome home celebration, housing assistance, home and vehicle adaptation, government claims assistance, childcare, counciling, education assistance and family support.

For more information call (818)344-3800

The American Legion Riders

Today there are well over 500 American Legion Rider groups, organized by posts, districts, or departments, in support of Americanism and Children and Youth programs in virtually every state in the nation. One of the fastest growing and most likely visible of the many activities offered by the Posts, The American Legion Riders are as diverse as the programs that they support.

What do American Legion Riders do?

Here are a few examples:

Local American Legion Riders groups have become some of the most generous and creative supporters of the American Legacy Scholarship Fund. Average amounts raised each year are approaching $250,000.

Riders meet and provide escorts for military convoys returning our servicemen and servicewomen to their home stations all over the country.

Riders ride to raise money for such organizations such as VA Hospitals, Battered Women and Children's Centers, various children and youth programs, Veterans Relief, needy families and many, many others.

Riders have formed a national movement that honors our fallen comrades and protect the sanctity of military funerals and memorial services across the country. These special motorcycle Honor Guards and ceremonial teams highlight the special bonds formed in military service and the motorcycling community.

Legion Riders have also begun to teach motorcycle and driver safety in the community and in schools in cooperation with ABATE and other national motorcycling organizations.

The American Legion Riders are composed of members of the American Legion Family, including members of The American Legion, The Auxiliary and the Sons of The American Legion. So if you ride motorcycle and are a Legion member, an Auxiliary member, or member of the Sons of The American Legion, you are also eligible for membership in the Riders.

Do you own a motorcycle? We need to form a American Legion Riders group. Please contact the Post at (818) 344-3800.

National Emergency Fund

The National Emergency Fund (NEF), started in 1989 after Hurricane Hugo, is another way that The American Legion is actively involved in meeting the needs of both the community and individual American Legion family members.

Any current year paid member of the American Legion, the American Legion Auxiliary or Sons of the American Legion is eligible to apply for temporary financial relief for losses sustained in a declared natural disaster.

Since October 1989, the NEF are deposited in a special account and are used exclusively to meet out member's to begin to rebuild there homes and their lives.

All contributions made to the NEF are deposited in a special account and are used exclusively to meet out member's most urgent needs. Not one single contributions dollar is used for fund raising, administrative costs fulfillment. Applications are available at the Post.


Community and youth-oriented programs of The American Legion further a strong sense of patriotism and loyalty.

American Legion Baseball. One of our best known and most respected youth athletic programs, American Legion Baseball has been the training ground for many major league stars. Each year, 90,000 athletes experience the benefits of good sportsmanship and team play.

Boys State / Boys Nation. American Legion Posts select outstanding high school students for Boys State/Boys Nation every year. During the week long program participants receive instruction in citizenship and experience first-hand how their state and federal government function. Reseda Post 308 sponsors boys from High Schools located in the San Fernando Valley each year. Apply in March of each year.

High School Oratorical Competitions. High school students vie for college scholarships awarded by the American Legion by demonstrating their knowledge of the U.S. Constitution in public speaking contest at local, state and national level. Apply in December of each year.

Scouting Sponsorship. Seventy thousands young people are served each year through more than 2,700 post sponsored Boy Scouts of The American Legion Eagle Scout of the Year college scholarship.

Flag Education. Through this program, our youth are taught flag etiquette and appreciation for the United States Flag.

Scholarship Information. Need a Lift? is The American Legion's annual publication for high school students on the hows and wheres of obtaining colleges financial aid. The booklet is distributed nationally to public and private high schools. In addition, the Samsung American Legion Scholarship assists the children of American military, to include the Guard and Reserve, who have died on active duty since September 11, 2001.

Junior Shooting Sports. The American Legion recognizes that guns are a part of sports and recreation in our society and strives to teach youngsters the proper use of firearms before accidents occur. Many local Posts sponsor Junior Shooting Clubs, which provide training in gun safety and marksmanship for junior shooters through the use of air rifles. The American Legion hosts an annual national air rifle tournament that draws more than 1,400 contestants annually.

Patriotic Holiday Observances. Since 1919, The American Legion has been our country's leader in the observance of patriotic holidays, sponsoring marching hands, color guards and drill teams.

Children & Youth

The American Legion has been a strong advocate for the children and youth of our nation since our founding in 1919. To date there exists no area of child welfare that has gone untouched by the collective hand of The American Legion.

Family Support Network. In support of the War on Terror, National Guard and reserve units have been activated in record numbers. Their families often find themselves unable to meet normal monthly household obligations.

Operation Military Kids. When Guard and Reserve parents are mobilized, their children suddenly have unique needs and lack the community support system associated with active military installations. The American Legion, in cooperation with State and Country Cooperative Extension officers, seek to reach out to the military youth before, during, and after their parents deploy to create a support network for these military kids.

Temporary Financial Assistance (TFA). Through Temporary Financial Assistance, a Post may call upon the National Headquarters for cash assistance to help meet the basic needs (shelters, food, utilities, medical) of veterans' children when the parents are unable to do so. Funds can be granted over a temporary period to eligible children when it has determined that the child is in need and the sources are either unavailable, or inadequate. See also. Troop Support Services (TS2), describe earlier in this brochure.

Veterans Affairs and Rehabilitation

The American Legion is an organization of veterans serving other veterans, their widows and widowers, and their orphans To this end, The American Legion was instrumental in the creation of the Department of Veterans Affairs (formerly the Veterans Administration), and is universally recognized as the originator of the G.I. Bill of Rights, and is constantly working to protect and preserve the rights and benefits to veterans through service to their country.

Board of Veterans Appeals. The American Legion operates an Appeals Unit at the Board of Veterans Appeals in Washington, DC, who specializes on affording representation to veterans and claimants seeking satisfactory resolution of benefit claim determinations made by local VA regional offices or VA medical centers.

National Field Services. To insure that veterans receive the quality of medical care they deserve and expect, The American Legion's National Field Services conduct onsite field visits to individual VA medical centers and to network offices. The information and data received is used to support VA&R activities in both congressional testimony and personal contacts with Members of Congress.

Military/Naval Discharge Review and Correction Boards. A team of Legion representatives provide assistance to former services members who seek upgrade of their less than honorable discharge or dismissals from the Armed Services. The Unit also assists veterans in obtaining decorations and medals through the various Armed Forces.

Persian Gulf Task Force. The American Legion's Persian Gulf War Task Force was created out of concerns for America's newest generation of wartime veterans, providing services to these veterans, their families and their advocates. The Task Force has undertaken rigorous clinical studies, Freedom of Information Act Requests, site visits to VA and DoD Medical Centers, and VA Regional Offices and the creation of an Internet site for Gulf War veterans, in particular those who suffer from Gulf War illnesses.


The American Legion is among those organizations that wield the greatest influences on the nation's legislative system. Through strong grass roots lobbying and a dedicated professional staff The American Legion's officials voices in the Halls of Congress continues to advance the legislatives mandates for veterans and their families.

National Security

The American Legion has National Security policies in the areas of Aerospace, Energy, Merchant Marine, Defense Civil Preparedness, Law and Order and Military and Naval Affairs. Implementation of these policies is accomplished through legislative action and coordination with the Department of Defense, Military Services and other agencies.

Junior Law Cadet Program. Many Legion Posts, working in conjunction with law enforcement agencies, have established programs to introduce high school students to law enforcements and to establish cadet camps.

ROTC Recognition Programs. Posts award American Legion ROTC Military Excellence and Scholarship Excellence Medals to outstanding high school and college ROTC students.

We sponsor both Reseda H.S. NJROTC and Cleveland H.S. AJROTC.

Law Enforcement Officer of the Year Award Programs. Presented annually at American Legion Post State, Regional and National level to recognition law enforcement officers for extraordinary performing to include superior community service,

Blood Donor Awards. Donating more blood than any other organization. The American Legion recognizes States for their efforts in donating these gifts of life.

Employment and Economics

The American Legion has always been involved in issues that affect veterans economically. These issues include employment, job training, veterans preference, housing, small business and vocational rehabilitation. The National Economic Commission is responsible for ensuring that American's veterans have an opportunity to provide, with dignity and honor, the economic necessities of life for themselves and their families. The Commission lobbies Congress and works closely with many federal agencies. It also works very closely with private sector organizations such as the National Organization on Disabilities, National Coalition for Homeless Veterans and the Veterans Organizations Homeless Council, and the Senior Corps of Retired Executives.

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